Registration in the OFII, first titre de séjour

registro ofii titre de sejour

Registering in the OFII will be one of the first, if not the first procedure that you must do once in France. The OFII (Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration), created in 2009, is the institution responsible for the accompaniment and integration of foreigners in France. All holders of a student visa of more than 3 months are required to register upon arrival in the country to regularize their stay, since the visa granted by the embassy in your country of origin has a validity of 3 months only.

The procedure you must follow is very simple; once in France, you must go to this website, in there you must complete a form with basic information (passport number, name, surname, nationality, date of birth, address in France, …), additionally you must buy a tax stamp of € 60 that you can buy on the same website. If you do not have a credit card and you still not have a bank account in France (see how to open your bank account here), you can buy this stamp in a “bureau de tabac”. Once this is completed, you can download your attestation directly from the website. This fully electronic procedure replaces the OFII stamp that was pt on your passport in the past.

What happens when my visa expires?

When your visa comes to an end and you wish to continue your stay in France you have two options:

  • If your conditions have not changed, meaning that you are still a student, you can request a visa renewal for one additional year;
  • If you have finished your studies, but you want to stay longer in France you can request an APS (Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour), this is a 1-year work permit that allows you to look for a job related to your profession, which is an excellent advantage offered by France for foreign students.

These two procedures deserve to be described in detail, so I will make an entry about each one of them later.

I hope this information will be useful for your registration with the OFII, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask in the comments.

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  1. I arrived to france on 20-04-2018 and my tourist visa expired on 20-7-2018 before the expiery date i applied in the prefecture and i send the needed documents to the ofii , meanwhile i stayed in france until i recieved the (aps) sayes the entery date to france ,and issued on 26-december-2018 valid till 26-6-2019 (duration of 6 months) and able to be renewed and allowed to work in france, my question is the gap of time between expiery date (20-7-2018) and date the aps was issued (26-12-2018) when i later on go back to my country lebanon and i want to apply for another visa to france whould this gap of time that the ofii took to give his desicion be a problem for me ? Thank you

    1. Hello Hussein,

      I honestly don’t think it will be a problem since the delay is not your fault but the time it took the to give you the APS. In order to be able to help you could you please give me more background on your situation, did you come here as a tourist and afterwars you applied for an APS? I understand you can only get an APS after finishing your studies. If you provide me with more information I may be able to give you a better advice.

    1. Dear Kevin, I’m afraid you can’t. Since it is a paritcular status, you need to ask for special permission to leave France. You cannot travel to your country of origin though.

  2. I have recieved my validation of my student visa,and i ask the ofii if i stiil need to have the ofii stamp on my passport and the response is that the last step is the validation of my visa. I wish to travel to Dubai and my question is can i return to France with my passport with out the stamp.i hope for you reply .its helpful

    1. Hello Cristine, Yes you need the OFII stamp on your passport, this will validate your visa as a long stay Visa. If you already registered in the OFII but your passport has not been stamped yet I would not recommend to travel to Dubai or exit the EU. ALthough technically you are allowed to travel, it varies from prefecture to prefecture, and laws are that complex that even inmigration authorities don’t know how to proceed. I would advise that you check with your local prefecture to be 100% sure if it’s OK to travel.

  3. Hi,
    I arrived in France in June and didn’t have to send any forms to the OFII. I was only required to validate my visa within the first three months of my arrival here –
    It took me 15 minutes to validate my visa as a residence permit! (No additional stickers)
    I only need to wait for the OFII to summon me (via email) for the medical visit. This medical certificate is a mandatory requirement in case if I want to renew my visa.
    Since Feb’19 everything is being done online.

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