About Me

My name is Juan, I’m Colombian and I came to France in 2011 to study a MBA, for what was supossed to be one year and ended up being extended until today.

I came to France without speaking a word of French nor knowing anyone. Back then I would have liked someone to give me some advice on the basic things I needed to know before moving to France. The information available online was scattered all over the place, and there wasn’t a single source grouping all information.

For this reason I decided to create vivelafrancia.com, a project I had been delaying for years, to share my experience studying, and working in France over the last 7 years. I am not an experienced writer nor a native english speaker, so I apologize in advance for the eventual grammar or syntax errors you may find in my entries. This blog pretends to be just a testimony from my own experiences that I hope will be useful for you, if you are reading this blog and, like me a few years ago, are preparing to fulfill the dream of coming to France.

My objective is also to make this a place where we can all share our experiences, and answer the questions of those planning to come to France. Do not hesitate to comment or ask the questions you may have, I will try to answer all questions as much as possible.

Bon voyage!